3 Of The Best Vitamins Essential For Hair Growth

Published: 05th October 2010
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Zinc is a trace mineral that has many features critical to roles in the human body. All of these jobs are imperative for the increase of strong hair. Zinc supports the body to create cells, soak up vitamins for hair loss, regulate hormones and the synthesis of proteins. All of these are undeniably important. One of the more necessary ways zinc helps the body is by controlling hormones, most essentially testosterone.


Biotin is a amalgamation of bacteria and yeast made in the intestines. It is put to use by the body to facilitate the growth of hair and skin cells and results in great hair and nails. So not only will your hair be thicker but you will also get thick, solid nails too! As well as to assist the inhibiting of normal hair loss biotin is also implemented by the body to help metabolism and a constant blood sugar level.

The body constructs a surplus of biotin, however it generally affixes to proteins and thus cannot be employed by the body to create hair and skin cells. Due to this it frequently becomes vital for those battling hair loss, both male and female, to consume a vast amount of biotin. Whilst biotin is present in many foods, such as green peas, brown rice and walnuts you would have to intake lots to get the levels necessary to help hair growth. That is why having a fantastic hair loss treatment that holds biotin amongst other vital hair growth vitamins is fundamental.


If you hair is to grow amino acids must be present in your hair follicles and be able to travel thoroughly throughout the hair, on a simple level this is what B6 does.

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